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Terracotta pottery

Terracotta pottery, which is now a popular hobby, has actually its existence dating back to 2600 to 1700 BC. Yes, during the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. Archaeological excavation at Mohenjodaro, Harappa and many other places have in fact uncovered various terracotta pots and  also vessels.

Terracotta is nothing but “baked earth” in Italian. Terracotta is the type of clay which is actually used to produce terracotta pottery on a potter’s wheel. The potter at a full-tilt rotates the wheel with his hands and then gives the ball of clay a desired shape. The pot or object, is then left to dry and is kept on top of combustible materials in a pit and fired. Mostly charcoal, wood or coconut shells are preferably used for firing these objects and the temperatures may range from 600 to 1000 deg C. The process is complete only after the pottery has been baked for more than two hours to ensure it is hard, strong and also most durable.

Artists from our organization of terracotta art, work with terracotta clay and other raw materials to create and promote eco-friendly art and products. We aim to promote green living by promoting this craft. Terracotta is always truly an art form to be appreciated. Being one of the oldest art forms, it has withstood the test of many civilizations. That’s why owning a terracotta art craft is nothing but owning a piece of history.

Terracotta Pottery items is a must to improve the aesthetic value of your drawing room. 

Hundreds of mind-blowing designs are available to choose from. 

Three Dimensional Wall Frames of Hindu Deities with illumination.

It is a belief that the auspicious presence of idols of Gods and Goddesses of Hindu religion at home makes the atmosphere filled with blessings of the almighty. Carefully handicraft, artistically illuminated and devotionally decorated replicas of Goddess Mahalaxmi (Ambabai) of Kolhapur, Lord Jyotiba of Kolhapur and Shri Balaji of Tirupati in a three dimensional crafted wooden box adds a new dimension to your drawing room or Pooja room. A must for every household.

Three Dimensional showcase of Hindu Gods / Goddesses with attractive illumination. Auspicious blessings of Shri Mahalakshmi, Lord Balaji, Shri Tuljabhavani, Shri Jotiba, Shrimant Dagadushet Ganapati, Shri Balaji, Swami Samarth, Gajanaj Maharaj and many more. A must art piece which will add spiritual value to your drawing room or place of worship at home. A perfect gift item for any occasion. Available in different sizes and colors.

Sizes available -           1) 12X14X5 (inch)                2) 14X17X5 (inch)                                                                3) 18X22X5 (inch)               4) 19X23X7 (inch)                                                              5) 24X28X10 (inch)


Stone Miniatures

The Stone Miniatures marketed by Shoolin Enterprises is a beautiful creation of the craftsman. In all nine stone miniatures i.e. Diya (Oil Lamp), Saraswati Slate, Polpat Latane (Chakla Belan), Tulsi Vrindawan, Chourng, Khalbatta (Mortar & Pestle Set), Pata Varvanta (Ammikallu or Grindstones Handgrinder), Jate (Round Hand Grinding stone), Traditional Chulha. All these articles are commonly found in any Indian Rural house.


These handmade miniatures can be gifted to your children as a play set or can be used as decorative item in your house or place of business. It is said that the oil lamp and the Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) bring good luck and peace to home.

Kitchen Play Set

Do you still remember your childhood days... the most favorite game for children of the age 3 to 10 is Bhatukali (Kitchen Play set)

Shoolin is coming out to you with very attractive Bhatukali (Kitchen Play set). Let the Child of You and in You enjoy the childhood again. A special gift to your beloved children !

Batukali (Kitchen Play Set) is a traditional playact the children play with the help of miniature version of Kitchen articles. For hours together, children engage themselves in roll playing mode. Sometime your daughter becomes mother and cooks in those tinny pots and your son plays a roll of father or brother who shares the responsibility of kitchen. It is a pleasant experience for the parents watching their children playing with those tiny kitchen wares and directly or indirectly learning the importance of family values. A unique gift article for today's E - generation Children who otherwise are stuck up with cell phone or the idiot box.

Shoolin Enterprises has brought this special article for your beloved children to make them more responsive and more responsible towards family values. It is our effort to bring back the age old Indian traditional child play for your family.